The world has changed a lot in the last few years and people are craving connection now more than ever. The era of the traditional sales vehicles such as cold calls and sales pitch presentations is slowly fading into the background in favor of a different way to market businesses. This is why I wanted to share a little bit about a marketing technique that has become very popular.

This method is called Relationship Marketing. Relationship marketing is exactly that-a relationship. It’s a way to create a two-way relationship between you and your clients.

It’s two-way communication with your customers speaking to your business in the form of things like company reviews, product suggestions, and the ability to see even a big brand as a human being and ask questions via social media that get answered quickly sometimes even in real-time.

For you as the business this method allows you to connect with customers and share information on new and upcoming offers that they may like in addition to the ones they already purchase from you.

More than just sharing offers it also helps your company stay in touch with your target market by sharing behind-the-scenes info and industry-related things that are exciting for you and for your customers! It creates an authenticity that can’t be faked and helps your company feel friendlier.

In short, Relationship Marketing helps your clients feel more attached to your brand—and more likely to continue buying from it!!

I know a lot of people think that relationship marketing is all about the big splashy client appreciation events and the expensive end-of-the-year gift baskets. Those are awesome things to do if you want to do them, but you don’t have to. Relationship Marketing is actually easier to do than you think. Just be a person and treat your clients as well as you treat the people you care about such as friends or family -That’s it.

Seriously, it can be as easy as showing your clients what your brand is doing that, they may not be aware you are doing! Things like giving back to the community, a sneak peek look into your business or your office shenanigans, the anticipation of being nominated for an industry award, and hope you’ll win. It can also be as easy as making sure your clients know they can email you or message you through social media and that you’re listening and you’ll respond.

That’s how easy it can be. Just do the things that come naturally to you and highlight your company’s values or mission statement.

Well, In the words of my favorite Looney Toon…That’s it, Folks! I’ll talk to you soon!



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