People love stories. We love to hear what happens to others and generally, we empathize with these characters. That’s why people get so invested in characters from television shows and in books. Storytelling is one of the things that make us humans.  It also is a powerful tool in your brand strategy.

Here are three types of stories you can use in your business and why they work


Tell your origin story. If you have more than one account of how your business started, then choose one to be the “official” version. Focus on your corporate values and mission statement. When you are talking about your company and how it started, really you should be secretly talking about your customer’s story. Some companies will have an easier time of this, others may have to work at it a bit. Also, if your company has been around a while share your growth! Your customers want to hear stories about how you started in your kitchen or garage and grew into a massively successful business!

Case Study

These are the anecdotes we see a lot on social media that is sometimes called “social proof”. These are the stories about your business that took a client through a transformational process from problem to solution. When you tell a story like this cut it into three parts – Before working with you, during working with you (what was that experience like), and After working with you. Keep traditional elements of storytelling in these that include a hero (your client), their sidekick (your business), and a conflict that was overcome (what problem you solve)

Behind the Scenes

This is where you can make your business a little more of the hero. Really pull the curtains away and show “the man behind the curtain” (bonus points if you know what story that’s from!). Show your customers your process, it helps them understand what goes into that final product or service solution! Introduce you or your team so they can feel like they really know you. Use this type of story to discuss how your business creates solutions for your customers problems in a way that introduces the inner works of the business and those involved in it.

One of the many reasons why stories work in branding your business is because they help reinforce your reputation to your customers. They also humanize your business making you just like your customers by showing that you can understand their problems and reinforce that you have the solutions for these problems. They let you talk to your customers as equals instead of at your customers as an authority.

All of these types of stories help further your goals in your business and can be used as part of your brand strategy. They can appear on your website and in all of your marketing materials reinforcing your brand’s reputation to your potential customers and explaining to them how you can help them in a way that feels comfortable to them. Which type of story will your business use first?

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