The other day I was out networking when someone said to me “I tried to do my logo myself and realized it was a lot more than just sketching something cool.”  I just nodded because this is not the first time, I’ve heard it.

The reality is creating a logo is a lot more than sketching something cool. Most people don’t realize that until they try to do it themselves. Today let’s chat about what goes into a logo design.

Let me start with a little background for the unfamiliar. A logo is a first impression of your business. That’s its job. It is there to help introduce your business from afar and attract attention. Unfortunately, people do judge others by outward appearance. This means people will judge your logo no matter how it looks. It’s okay if not everyone loves it. Only your ideal client, the people you want to attract, has to love your logo.

Professional designers have a lot of training, which is why we can create designs that attract your ideal client.  For most designers, there’s a lot of research that goes into creating a logo. We look into your goals, your industry, your ideal client, and what makes your business different, along with whatever inspiration you share with us. I do around 3 hours of research on average.

Design sketches can take hours to complete. These sketches are the visual representation of all the research that was collected. An experienced designer, like myself, will also check to make sure we didn’t accidentally copy anyone else’s work before you see the designs.

From here things can vary on the designers’ policies. Some designers offer multiple options, others don’t and editing polices can range from 2 pre-paid rounds to unlimited rounds charged hourly. Once the design is approved by you, you’ll get access to your logo and whatever other files such as alternate logos, patterns, and more that might be included.

The important thing to remember is that at every single step, designers are always looking to connect the logo back to your goals, your industry, and your business to make sure the final result is a unique representation of your business.