“She used AI and it just didn’t sound like us,” she said. I was in the middle of a one-to-one networking call with a new networking buddy when she told me this. The truth is, how you sound when you talk about or write about your business is important. Just as important as your graphics.

A huge part of a brand is its voice. Every business has its own personality and just like each person has their individual way to sound, so do businesses. Most people tend to write how they speak and this can include cultural references, regional turns of phrase, sentence structure, and a lot more. The power words and tone of voice have are amazing. They can convey a lot of emotion. Words craft the businesses’ messaging for their sales pieces which allow businesses to create their customers’ perception of them. It’s something that makes the business recognizable to its customers.

When you strip that away the business starts to lose some of its authenticity and emotional connection with its audience. Unfortunately, as we get busier in business or recognize where our shortcomings are we tend to delegate things. This delegation is frequently to another person, but lately, it’s been AI or artificial intelligence. Either way, when someone else writes for you a lot can get lost unless they are paying attention and can write in the same way that the business has always written in.

As a logo and graphics designer, I deeply care about this issue. Creating a visually stunning design that sounds robotic or unlike the brand is a disservice. I’ve had to redo brochures because they didn’t resonate with the intended audience, resulting in wasted time and money for the client. I don’t want that for you.