I’ve written about design myths in the past, but like any industry, there are always more myths to uncover! Here are three more really common ones for us to examine.

Myth: budgets don’t matter

Fact: yes, they do. Budgets matter a lot. They matter for two reasons you need to know how much of our time or what final designs you get with the money you have set aside for your project. You don’t want to spend an uncomfortably high amount because that will change your expectations of what is possible. If you’ve ever said “I spent all that money for -this-!” (Yes, I’ve done it too) this is likely what’s happened! Also, if you have a specific designer in mind, you should know what fees they expect so you can either save up or commit right away. Also, it helps us plan better so we know what we can do for you – whether that’s capping an hourly charge off at a certain value or offering the appropriate package for the amount of cash you have set aside. It makes doing business easier and smoother!

Myth: clients can always explain what they want

Fact: Definitely no. Let me tell you what I tell clients all the time: “Tell me what you want in any way you can because I do not read minds and won’t just instinctively ‘know’ what you want”.  This is true for most designers I know. Most of us are not mind readers, it doesn’t mean we’re “bad designers” as I was once accused of, but that we are human.  Ask your designer how they work best and then see if your styles of communication mesh. If you love communicating by talking, but you have a designer that wants emails only – there’s bound to be some disconnect. Also, make sure you are clear on what you want. It’s really hard to explain what you want when you don’t know what it is. Feel free to use words, write lists, send images as inspiration, and don’t be shy to draw something! We don’t care if you “can’t draw” send an email or text with those stick figures if they’ll help! We just want to understand what you want so we can create it for you!

Myth: graphic design is only about logos

Fact: Actually, no. Much the same way other industries have specialties so does graphic design. Yes, a lot of designers like to focus on logos, but there are actually several other specialties in the design industry. Some of these specialties are invitation and stationery design, packaging design, book layout design, fabric design, website design, and so many others. This is why I always encourage people to figure out what type of work they might need before they hire a designer and why I believe designers should collaborate with each other -especially those from other disciplines!



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