I was watching a T.V. show the other day about a scrappy bunch of software developers in California. In the show the team of four nerdy guys is preparing for a meeting to present their company to potential investors. They kept talking about their clothes and the demo of their product. It must have been my public relations education kicking in because I could not stop thinking about badly they needed a pitch deck. I decided to put together a special edition of “Ask the Designer” and share with you what a pitch deck and media kit are and why a company would need one or both.

What’s a Pitch Deck?

A pitch deck is a set of documents or an in person presentation that helps explain what your business does to potential investors. It tells the story of the business, what problem you discovered and how your business solves that problem. It also includes information on your competition, your estimated financials and how you’d use the money from the investors. Its whole job is to sell your business to the investors enough that they want another meeting.

What’s a Media Kit?

A media kit is meant to assist journalists in writing about your business. Most of the time these documents include information about your business, how you got started and what makes you special or newsworthy. They also include testimonials from your clients, relevant pictures and often a pre-written news release.

How are the two items different?

The main difference between the two is who the audience they’re intended for! They both are used to inform and sell your business to someone else, but the benefits are different. One gets you funding and the other attention. The information differs slightly, but not much. Lastly, media kits are usually emailed whereas a pitch deck can be emailed or in-person.

Why would I need a Pitch Deck? 

A pitch decks main goal is to keep things focused and tell a compelling story that includes all the information that is going to secure you the funding you want. These investors can be an investment firm or even a bank for a loan, but either way you will need to sell them on your magic and get them interested enough to want to work with you. You need to stand out to these investors because chances are your business isn’t the only one requesting financial support from them. A great pitch deck whether it’s emailed, mailed or presented as slides in person will help you do that.

Why would I need a Media Kit?

These are great if your looking to get your business radio, tv, magazine or newspaper exposure. They’re frequently used for special events like fundraisers, but can also be used when you simply want to get your businesses name out in the general public in a big way. If a media outlet decides to feature your business that’s free advertising for you! Most of the time media will not come to you, you’ll have to go to them which where a presentation with a customized cover letter is a good tool to have!

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