When it comes to starting a business the first thing everyone thinks about is getting a logo. A logo is a design that represents a business. It can use words, letters, or images to convey information about the personality and type of business to potential customers. There are few different types of logos, but here are three of the most popular types for small businesses to use along with some things to think about as you decide which type of logo is best for your business

Word Mark

What is it? A logo that features just the full name of the company. No symbols or images.

What to think about before choosing this? This type of logo is very easy to use and adapt to different types of marketing. This a great choice for the long haul because it puts the name of the business front and center. Think about the reputation and goals of the business. How likely you might be to change the name of the business in the future and the length of the business name. Most wordmarks are successful with businesses that already have shorter, unique or easy to remember names. Don’t confuse this with a Letter Marks, which features just the company’s initials.

Who is it best for? Newer businesses who want that name recognition, businesses with short catchy names. Businesses that want their name to be the main point of attention and/or have a small marketing budget.

Famous examples: Coca-Cola, Google, Disney

Combo Mark

What is it? A logo that features a symbol or image with the name of the company.

What to think about before choosing this? This is the most popular type of logo. It’s great because it gives the brand-boosting power of a symbol mark with the clarity of the wordmark. It allows for potential customers to get to know the name of the business and associate it with the symbol. It also has a lot of flexibility as you can use the symbol separately from the words.

Who is it best for? This is great for younger business that needs the name recognition but wants to evolve into using the symbol only as they gain popularity and stronger business personality and reputation.

Famous Examples:  Target, Adidas, Sprint

Symbol Mark

What is it? A logo featuring a specific carefully chosen symbol. The symbol can be a literal depiction of part of the name of the business. It can depict the function of the business in some aspect or can be completely abstract.

What to think about before choosing this? This might happen naturally if the business started with a combo mark. If you’re thinking of doing this during a brand refresh, think about how long you’ve been in business, how well known you are in your community and/or service niche. What your service model is – if you’re going to have a lot of small branches to it, a symbol logo where the name can be changed is a good choice. Determine if your business can be recognizable or figured out easily by someone who doesn’t know it well. Do they associate the symbol with your business already?

Who is it best for? Established businesses with a very strong business personality and reputation. They also frequently have a loyal following already. Businesses with multiple subsidiaries and need to unify them into one logo. Businesses that want or need to completely overhaul their brand visuals.

Famous Examples:  Apple Computers, Twitter, Pepsi

Now you know more about the different types of logos and the different types of businesses each will benefit from. I hope this gives you a clearer idea of what type of logo you might want for your business!

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