When I ask a client “Tell me about your audience?” they sometimes don’t know anything about them. One of the ways to learn more about your audience – your ideal clients – is to do market research. Today I’m going to answer a few of the most common questions I get when I mention this powerful tool to my clients!

What is Market Research?

Market research is exactly what it sounds like – researching your market. In simpler terms, it’s the act of studying your customers to better understand their needs and what they prefer.

How do I do Market Research?

There are four main ways to do market research and include: Surveys, Interviews, Focus Groups, Observation. They each have their benefits. For someone just starting to learn how to do market research for their business Interviews and Surveys are the easiest, most accurate, and most cost-effective ways to get the information you need to help your business. Interviews can give you the most data because you’re actually speaking with members of your audience. If that’s not an option for you, surveys are a quick, easy way to gather a lot of data fast. This is why they are the most common way to gather the information you want on your audience. These surveys typically have some type of reward attached for completing them including discounts and bonus or free items.

Why do I need to do Market Research?

One of the reasons to do market research is because it can help you get into the minds of your clients. This helps you understand them better. Research is a strategic way to learn about your audience and help you make decisions about what to sell to them, how to offer it, and how to talk to them.  This makes it extremely beneficial in helping you grow your business.

How Does Market Research help me create a better design?

Market Research allows you to understand what your ideal client, your audience, wants, and likes. You can use the information you collect to create client profiles, which will help you streamline what each set of clients likes. This helps you create designs that will catch their attention. Putting in the time to collect this information is important because knowing is always better than guessing. Guessing what they might like or want can attract the wrong type of clients and causing frustration and lower sales.

Now you know how to get the information you need and never be left wondering how to answer when you get asked “Tell me about your audience”


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