I’ve been networking since practically day 1 of my business journey. Every meeting in every group I’ve been in wants you to do a 30-second introduction or pitch. Over the years, I’ve ended up getting a lot of attention for my introductions. Today I thought we’d explore why you really need a good 30-second pitch and I’ll even share a few tips I’ve picked up over the years on how to write a good one!

The job of a 30-second introduction is to explain who you are and what you do in a concise manner.  Being able to do this allows you to quickly and effectively explain your business. This is how you make quick connections with anyone anywhere.

The concept of these introductions and why they’re sometimes called an “elevator pitch” is because it was supposed to be the way to make a sale even as you’re riding up the elevator.

Being able to know your business so well you can sell it in 30 seconds or less allows you the opportunity to create more sales for yourself.  That’s why they’re important.

It’s why they have to be memorable and something that makes the other person want to know more.

Here’s one quick way to write a good 30-second pitch

Make sure your pitch has something to grab attention, next say your name, your job, and a great reason to work with you. Last make sure your ask or call to action is included. If you have a slogan or tagline add it to the end!

Once you have one written you can even use it in designs that you post on social media to quickly introduce your business!

Now that you know why a 30-second pitch is an important and quick way to write your own, you’ll feel a lot more confident at your next networking event and talking to new connections online!

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