I was talking about rebranding the other day with a friend. The company their employer just went through the process and they told me they had no idea how involved it was. They thought it was just changing the logo and maybe a few colors.

To illustrate rebranding, think of it like a couple breaking up. Similar to various reasons leading to a split, a business rebrand has valid reasons but can be accompanied by trauma and upheaval. It entails leaving behind shared elements and adopting new aspects—new names, styles, and ways of doing things. Amidst the challenges, there are also new opportunities and partnerships. It’s a transformative process, and although it seems daunting, it may not necessarily be a negative experience for the business.

So, what goes into a rebrand?

Often a rebrand will also come with a new name, but even if it doesn’t it does come with changes to the way the business works. These internal changes can include new operations structures, a revised audience, new products or services, and a fresh message. These changes are crucial for the company to distance itself from its past and shape a new perception in people’s minds.

This also means the business needs to recreate all of its client touchpoints including a whole new website, logo, colors, business cards, brochures, flyers, postcards, and stationery. Every visible aspect for customers needs replacement. This extends to refurbishing offices or storefronts with new signage and uniforms.

Now if the rebrand comes with a name change or web address change, they’ll also need all of their IT or computer systems adjusted which can mean new email addresses and all of their internal servers changed.  Along with all the business licensing, bank accounts and tax identifications getting changed too.

If this sounds a lot like what it takes when someone opens a business. You’re right; It’s the same process. This is why rebranding can be very costly for a business and shouldn’t be done lightly. Remember the goal of a rebrand is to change people’s minds about a business and increase sales. This often means starting from scratch with everything new!


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