I saw a statistic from HubSpot the other day, it said that 51% of companies believe updating old content has proven the most efficient tactic they have implemented. Now when they say “content” what they are referring to most of the time is written text. This can be website text, brochure text, social media information, and even blog posts. In today’s video-centric world I would argue that this conversation applies to video content too.  I totally understand why these business owners would say that and I felt like it was something worth chatting about.

A lot of companies reuse old content because it saves them money. While I’m all for saving money, you need to do these money saver activities, like reusing content, smartly. Reusing content and changing how it looks only works well if how you sound when writing or speaking to your customers has not changed and your core customer group has not changed.

If your business sounds different now than it did in the past or you sell products to a different group of people than before you’ll need to re-do the content from the beginning. If you don’t redo the content, you will most likely be sharing information and a style that no longer fits your company. This makes you much more likely to attract customers that you no longer wish to have and has the potential to actually cost you money rather than save it!

There are some types of businesses that have more trouble reusing old content than others. The businesses least likely to be able to pull off reusing old content are ones that pivot a lot and ones that have evolved & rebranded recently. For those two types of companies I would encourage them to use fresh content as their offers, customer base and more have changed and they’ll need to attract these new customers.

In short, if you’re consistent in what matters to your business, how your business speaks to its customers & your offers haven’t changed too much then updating old content is an excellent way to promote yourself while continuing to be visually consistent with a little less effort.


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