I was talking to a fellow business owner the other day who is newer to running their own business. While we were talking, they told me “I am so not good at technology, but that’s the only way to grow my business…so I’m trying to learn”

I’ve heard this from other people, mostly those who have been in business a long time and run multi-gen businesses where the younger generations want to do everything digitally.

Here’s the truth. There’s a lot more to growing your brand than how you get the word out. We all know deep down that technology is never going away it will always be there and it will continue to shift under our feet. What’s new today will be old tomorrow. So, yes, learning to market using modern technology is important because it’s always what’s going to be “what’s next”.  For the current era that includes things like videos, social media posts, and search engine optimization among other things. In the future, who knows what it will mean (but if you want to email me your best guess, I’d love to hear it).

However, the analog way of doing things. You know the real “old school” approach still works too. Nothing, I mean nothing beats human connection for growing a brand. We might use technology like video chat to get that done, but it still matters most. Every business I see that is super successful has mastered fostering human connections. This can mean asking for referrals, networking events, calling past customers, or sending cards or postcards in the mail. However, you choose to do it- fostering human connections is going to go far in getting your business through its next pivot.

Fostering human connections builds your audience, but more importantly, it makes you human to them. It makes your business trustworthy and likable, and in the end, builds brand loyalty. Brand loyalty keeps customers coming back because they love your brand and they naturally tell others about your offers because they’re excited about them! This means they’re doing some of the work for you and creating additional buzz both with and without technology.

The bottom line is this: Technology will always keep moving and you’ll always need to stay ahead of the curve with it, but the art of creating and fostering human connections will always be required to help propel your business to success and you don’t always need technology for that.

Alright, that’s it for this week. I’ll talk to you soon!!

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