I love trivia and interesting bits of information. One of these comes from the Content Marketing Institute. They claim that articles that are shorter than 3,000 words actually are rated third among business-to-business content materials that create the best results in a year span. I think this is really fascinating so let’s talk briefly about content.

I realize I’m a design-based company, but I also help people with branding. Branding is a lot more than design and content is a lot more than articles. I truly believe that to help my clients be successful with their brand strategy and brand maintenance I need to understand the entire suite of items and concepts that make up a successful brand.

The way I use the concept of content is that content can be anything you share on behalf of your business whether that’s a blog, a podcast, a video, or something else.  All of this content is part of building your brand! Each business is unique and what works for one business might not work for another. Choosing content has a lot of factors involved. If you’re stuck with this, I’d be happy to consult you with a Jumpstart Branding and Design Call.

These types of media let you connect with your audience and they let your audience (your potential customers) learn from you! How all this content is written, filmed, or otherwise created is part of your brand voice & contributes to what types of customers you attract & how those customers think of you. Remember the whole point of content is to do one of three things – educate, sell or thank.


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