Let’s talk trends. I’ve designed a lot of logos over the years. One of the things I do to stay on top of my industry is to follow logo designs from major Fortune 500 companies. They show me what trends are waking up and which ones are tired. Here’s what I know. If your logo follows trends versus what will timelessly represent you, then your logo, much like fashion, can get dated quickly, if you’re not careful.

A timeless logo can go the distance and stay relevant as the decades pass. For example, a popular UK-based tea company has been using the same crest logo on its packaging since the late 1700s.  It speaks to who they are as a brand and who they serve. According to Family Search, a popular genealogy website, a crest or coat of arms was something for the nobility and upper-class families because they were bestowed by the monarchy for achievements so they’re rare. They also give off the impression of achievement, upper class, and therefore, quality, which are all things you want in a high-end product.

Timeless logos don’t have to be in continuous use for generations, but they need to have longevity because they will be associated with your business and who you are as a business for a long time. Even if you do refresh it, there should be some elements of it that transfer over.

Now, I am not saying that trends are bad to follow, just that you need to be careful with them. Some brands work the trends beautifully and make subtle shifts in color or tone of voice to stay relevant. Celebrities are good at creating and working trends to stay relevant with their Eras and Iconic Looks, but some businesses do this well too. A popular soft drink company with a red, white, and blue globe logo comes to mind as a good example. Their logo hasn’t changed in decades except for a few subtle shifts, what actually changes is their packaging and advertisements.

Remember, a logo is an investment in your business. It is the launch point for your marketing. How it looks should be influenced by the rest of the internal parts of the brand like your audience, your communication style, and your values.

That’s all I got for now, I’ll talk to you soon!