a front view of the driver side of an American car. At the wheel is a fluffy white teddy bear. The teddy bear appears to be driving the car. What makes your business stick out like a bear driving a car?

I mean if you saw a bear driving a car you’d stop and look…right.  If only to say “holy hamburger! there’s a bear driving a car!”

Well, good brands have something, called a unique selling proposition or USP, that makes them different from everyone else in their industry. It could be the experience they provide customers, the company culture, their actual product or service offer, maybe they sell to a really specific audience no one else sells to or it could be a blend of a few things. Most Unique Selling Propositions tend to fall into one or two categories usually product quality, price, business model, or customer experience.

Categories aside your unique selling proposition is going to be made up of the things you’re good at, the things your competitors lack, and what your customers need. Somewhere in the middle of those is your business’s personal USP.

Once you find it, tell everyone. Make it a cornerstone of your marketing and use it as part of your “call to action” in your posts.

Alright, that’s all I’ve got for now! Talk to you soon!


Btw, if you’re struggling to figure out your USP my 25 for $25 troubleshooting and brand analysis system can help you with that.