Reviews! Testimonials! Feedback! No matter what you call them they really matter for your business as it is estimated that sales rise by over 50% when a business has around 10 current reviews. One of the hardest things to do for a lot of business owners is to find a way to ask for these evaluations, but I’ve scoured the internet to find and test the best ways to ask for a review. I thought I’d share 3 super easy ways to get a review or testimonial from your client!

Send an email or text message. I know these seem so basic, but they work. It’s totally okay to just ask for one. It doesn’t have to be super formal. Something like “by the way, I’d love to get a review from you on our latest project!” is enough. When you’re wrapping up with a client, shoot them a quick text message or add a sentence or two to an email and ask them to review you on one of the many platforms available or email/text message their review to you to be used on your website.

Use a Form. Forms either from a form builder or on your website are great. For some business owners I’ve met it’s easier for them to ask people to take a minute to fill out a form than directly ask for a review. The best part about forms is that they’re so customizable that you can add any questions you like and format them to suit your style of business. You can even set them up as a fill in the blanks to make it extra simple and easy for your client to review you.

Post or Hand Out A Graphic. This is especially good if you’ve got a physical product or a location clients can visit. A card or other graphic that invites your customers to write you a review on one of the numerous online platforms makes it super easy to ask every client who comes through your doors or has a product shipped to them. You can also use a QR code on the graphic to invite them to your review your business or follow you on your social media sites is a great way to use graphic design to grow your business.

Congrats! You just learned 3 easy ways to ask for a review! Remember, it doesn’t matter how you ask for a review, just that you ask for them!


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