I’m not a professional copywriter, but I’ve written my fair share of sales messages over the years.  Some were for clients who are struggling with their writing, but most were for me. I’ve also read a lot of sales messages and seen which ones have pulled in customers and which ones haven’t. Here are the top five things I’ve discovered that seems to make a sales message more likely to work.

Use everyday speech

The best sales messages are written in a way that uses regular words. They sound friendly and human, even when written in a formal manner. Writing in this way creates a connection with your audience and increases trust in your company.

Use a Call to Action

Those pesky Calls to Action again. Yes! A call to action or CTA is extremely important in a sales message because it tells the client what to do next. If you don’t have one, chances are they will either track you down or more likely do nothing because they don’t know what they should do.

Keep in line with your brand’s personality.

Always make sure you’re writing for your audience. If everything else about your brand is structured, formal, and more conservative, then it wouldn’t match to talk in a super casual way that uses a lot of colorful languages. It just doesn’t fit. The same goes if you have a super relaxed brand. If you all of a sudden write in a very formal way just wouldn’t fit. Make sure the way you write matches everything else about your brand and fits in with your brand’s strategy.

Tell a story, but get to the point.

People love stories. They can be a great way to connect with your audience. They can tell them about how you operate your business, how you got started, and more. Unfortunately, people have a very short attention span so always make sure your story has a point and don’t ramble on and on. I’ve discovered that a paragraph seems like a pretty workable length for most. It gives them time to craft a good story without losing people’s interest.

Share the transformation.

Everyone wants to know the same thing when they’re buying something. What’s in it for me!!  Features are great, people want to clearly and concisely understand what it is they are actually buying, but more importantly, is the transformation. Make sure you share some good before and after messages so they can see what happens to them if they hire your business to help them.

That’s it, there are the five top things I’ve learned helped my clients craft a good sales message!



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