It takes a lot to run a business and we all have our tools to get it done. Here are 5 apps on my phone that I love and use regularly for my business.

DISCLAIMER: I do not have anything to do with any of these apps! I just like them and recommend them as a fan!

WhatTheFont:  I used to Identify fonts by hand and while I still do this, I love a good time saver as much as the next business owner. This app’s whole job is to identify fonts. Use the camera to take a picture of the type you want to be identified and let it work its magic. It doesn’t do a perfect job of identifying fonts, but it gives me a starting place allowing me to save time while maintaining accuracy in font matching.

Globe Tempus: I interact with dozens of different businesses and clients. When I opened up my business to clients from around the world vs just local clients, I realized pretty fast that I stink at figuring out time zone conversions. This app lets me put in my city and the city of the person I’m meeting with on video chat and will tell me what time things are for each of us. Super helpful in suggesting meeting times, so no one has to get up for a meeting at 3 am.

Photoshop Express: I take tons of photos both with my DSLR and my phone. I am not kidding when I tell you I’ve maxed out storage on my phone before with close to 5 thousand photos. A huge part of this is that I use the photos for my social media posts, but also as stock images for my clients. I love Photoshop and this phone-based “mini-version” is good for quick and easy photo edits on my phone. It has a lot of functionality, but I like it to do basic edits like brightening a dark photo.

YouMail: Connect it to your phone’s voicemail system, set up your outgoing message, and watch the scam and robocalls disappear. I went from at least 3 dozen scam and robocalls a day to maybe one every so often. It also will email me when someone leaves a message so I know to check my messages if someone called when I was in a meeting or away from the phone for the day.

ClickUp: This is my latest discovery and I read about it on a blog similar to this one. It has a lot of functionality. What I use it for it to organize and segment my to-do list without the frustrating Kanban boards everyone seems to love. It even lets me add departments and reminders to help me stay organized!

These are a few of my favorite apps that help me run my business and feel more successful, email me back or leave a comment and let me know about some of the apps you just can’t live without!