It’s the first thing you get when you decide to start a business. It’s the thing that all your potential customers will see and identify with your business. I’m talking about your logo if you couldn’t guess. Here are a few basic tips for designing a logo that works!


-Limit to 2 Max

-Think about how it will look on other pieces, need the whole brand to be consistent

– Choose a font that works for your industry ie more serious industry like banking would use a different font than say a more relaxed one such as a yoga studio


-Simpler logos are easier to remember than very detailed ones

-make sure your logo can work at both very large and very small sizes


-Needs to work in black and white (also called greyscale) as well as color.

-Gradients and Effects are fine, but it needs to work well with out them also

-Use a limited amount of colors (for example three colors and black)


-Should be original–no clipart please!

-Stay away from common themes

-Never Ever Ever Copy Someone Else’s Work—Ever! (If you promote it as your own work, this can be viewed as plagiarism and may also be copyright infringement, which you could possibly be taken to court over!)

-Make sure it works for a really long time as your company will be using it for 10 plus years

Now you have some great tips for designing a logo, but if you would like some help contact me today! I’ll make you a great logo and help your business on its way to a great first impression.