When it comes to the products & services that fill our daily lives, we all have our favorites and our reasons for our loyalty to certain brands. If you feel like this loyalty to a brand makes you a little odd or set in your ways, it doesn’t.

Overall, around 8 out of 10 adults here in the U.S. are loyal to a retailer or a specific brand, and close to half of these people typically spend a more at a brand they are loyal to.  If you’re curious about what makes customers, like me and you, loyal to certain brands, check out three of the reasons why people feel loyal to their favorites.

Quality of Service

One of the reasons people are loyal to brands is because of the quality of the brand. They like the top-level customer service or that the brand lasts better or longer than a competitor. As a business, you should have a great product/service and if you do chances are you will build a loyal following who loves your products/services as much as you do! As far as your visual branding, keep your visuals focused on your brand’s personality, whether it’s a neighbor next door vibe or quirky customer-centric vibe stay true to you and what makes your products/services great!


Some people buy brands that are out of their budget just to have the status of using said product. These would be things like luxury cars, designer clothing and the like. The buy these things for the status, but for other psychological reasons such as fitting in or portraying wealth. When someone pays top dollar for a high-end brand, they are paying for the name associated with it and not necessarily the quality. There’s no shame in wanting to be a high-end brand sought after for name alone. If you desire to be one of these types of brands, you need to have the products/services and a detailed customer experience to back it up, plus your visuals need to drip luxury too!


We all have those brands that we use and love because our family used them. Sometimes we keep buying them out of tradition. Sometimes it’s because something about them reminds us of cherished memories or long-lost family members. To truly be a tradition/nostalgia brand is time-based. Spending years on steady quality and service with a focus on retaining existing customers. However, you can start your journey to being a tradition/nostalgia brand by evoking those emotions through your visuals.

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