Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. A logo isn’t magic. It’s not going to make people feel warm and fuzzy about a business just by having one, nor will it make them buy anything. It might get you noticed, but that’s about the extent of it.

Business owners need to back up the logo with other things. Remember, a brand includes layers of experiences that a customer has with a business. Experiences include a business’s advertising all the up to the follow-up after a sale. These experiences form their impression of the business; including the owners and customer-facing staff.

Something I see a lot of established businesses doing is leaning on their logo as their “brand.”  They lean on the visuals but don’t back them up with positive customer experiences. Eventually, customers will avoid a business and tell others to avoid it. Unfortunately, bad news spreads faster than good news, even if people share good news more often, resulting in long-term damage.

I’m not saying to avoid having a logo. Businesses should still have a logo. It’s certainly easier to have one than not, but back it up with substance! Have clear messaging, good service, and great offers. I’ve seen too many businesses fall short because they had a great logo and nothing behind it. When sales would suffer, they change the logo but would never dive into any of the other possible issues causing problems.

A few things businesses can do: Get ultra-clear about the people in their ideal customer audience. Figure out what customers need and why these customers should choose a specific company. Once they know that, they can work on their messaging and visuals. These things create the brand’s foundation.

These foundations allow established businesses to pivot and keep growing.


By the way, if you own an established business that isn’t growing, has a lot of negative customer reviews, or is pivoting, try these things or reach out, and I’d be happy to help you!