There are a lot of phrases meant to inspire action. I’m part of the generation that grew up in the USA in the 1990s. During this era, a specific sportswear brand’s slogan was the inspirational catchphrase of the day. My personal favorite is one from my family that I heard a lot growing up “Talking is Easy, Doing is Hard.” This is meant to remind you to stop talking about something and get out there and make it happen. I’ve watched business owners over the years. I’ve noticed a few things about action and I’d love to share my thought with you in the hopes they help you make your business its best. Today, let’s chat about action.

As always let me start by defining how I’m using the word “action”. Action in this context is the physical effort used to achieve a goal.  The question now is “what can you do to take action”?

One really common reason people don’t take action is because of fear. Fear can stop your momentum It’s certainly stopped me plenty of times. What I’ve learned is that fear has its purpose. It’s meant to protect you from danger, but sometimes it goes overboard. Ask yourself if the situation is actually safe. If it is actually safe for you or others then proceed. It’s really hard to be afraid and still take action, but it’s also very brave. One of the ways I’ve taken action despite fear is to break the task into mini-goals. It helps the task feel less overwhelming.

Maybe you have so much to do that you just don’t remember to do everything. Guess what, it’s okay. Follow some organizational hacks that you feel comfortable with like list making, reminders alarms on your phone, or setting certain tasks in a schedule. When something becomes part of your habits, it’s a lot easier to make room for them and take the action you need.

I know another super common reason people avoid taking action on something important, like talking about your business, is perfectionism. If they can’t do something perfectly the first time then it’s simply not worth doing at all. Guess what, everyone is bad at something when they’re learning it. You will get there if you keep practicing it and you have a desire to learn to do it. Think up a motivation that you can provide yourself to learn this task. Maybe it’s the thought of more money in the bank or being one step closer to your next vacation or hobby spend. Maybe it is putting a time limit on the task so you know it won’t eat up your entire day.  Whatever it is, give yourself permission to not be great all of the time, but simply do your best.

Honestly, dealing with underlying issues is usually the best way to address the thing that’s stopping you. I mentioned some common ones here, but to know your true roadblocks you’d need to dig deep within to figure that out. A great place to start with that process is with a coach such as a life coach or mindset coach. They can help you uncover your mental roadblocks and create solutions that work well for you.

While it’s really hard to, ahem, “just do” anything. The feelings associated with not doing something are frequently a lot worse.

Here’s to your mental and business health! Maybe they be robust and profitable!




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