Mindset, Alignment. These are some of the hot new buzz words everyone seems to be talking about! Everyone seems to have an opinion on this, some buy into it fully and trust their spirits and angels and such to lead and guide them. Others think it’s a load of horse manure and won’t go anywhere near it.

What if I told you Mindset is a form of science? Would that change your mind? While I don’t fully buy into it as magic, I don’t think mindset helping you succeed is false either and here’s why.

Back in the day (some where around the late 1990s) “Mindset” was simply referred to as “Attitude”. You could have a good one or a bad one. As we’ve learned more about mental health and have slowly started to destigmatize it, we’ve learned how you speak to yourself internally affects how you behave and appear.

Let me say that again…What you tell yourself causes a chain reaction that leads all the way to your business. Here’s what I mean. If you’ve ever heard “to change your mood and sound friendly on the phone you should smile when you answer it” this is why! It’s because what you think affects your actions and those actions affect how or even if you show up and present your business. It turns what you think into a self-fulfilling prophecy that can help or hurt your business.

Here’s an example a company starts a competition between two sales people. Both sales people are given 30 days to make as many sales as they can. Halfway through the sales start to drop off, but one sales person did really well and the other did really poorly. Here’s where mindset comes in. Sales Person A kind of gave up and told themselves awful things like “I’m so dumb with stuff” or “No one wants what I sell”. Since they truly believe this, they don’t bother getting dressed nicely when making sales calls, they barely pitch their products in person or online, and maybe when they meet someone interested in their products just grumpily shove their catalog at the potential client. When the client, who is put off by their behavior and actions decides not to buy, it fulfills the thought. Meanwhile, Sales Person B does the opposite and instead tells themselves happy things like “I’m smart in what I do” or “People love what I sell” they truly believe this, so, they dress nicely for their sales calls, they actively pitch their products in person or online and they smile when they hand a copy of their catalog to the potential client, who feels at ease with the person’s behavior and actions and allows them to close the sale. Who do you think closed more sales and won the contest?

So, you see, mindset isn’t just woo-woo magic. In fact, it’s not magic at all, it’s behavioral science and psychology! The next time your stressed out of over something you can control, check your thoughts, you might be surprised at the conversation you’re having with yourself!


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