I work with a lot of small businesses that have a team. Sometimes it’s a larger team and sometimes it’s a tiny team of just 2 people. When I talk about a team, I’m referring to anyone who works with the business whether in-house like a receptionist or outsourced like a graphic designer.  I noticed all of the businesses that do the best seem to have one main thing in common – a happy team. I got really curious about why that seemed to make such a big difference so I started paying better attention to those businesses and today I thought I’d share my findings with you!

People love working with happy people. When a team is happy, they are more likely to do better work and be more productive at work. They also do a better job in a client-facing role and that even has the potential to boost sales and retain clients. Additionally, A happy team usually likes to stick around longer and has been known to be healthier and less stressed. Think about a job where you really loved the people even if you didn’t love the job. When it was time to move on from that job, it was a little harder to do that and maybe you still miss those people a little bit too. That’s the type of environment that fosters loyalty.

A loyal team is more likely to sing your praises to others. That’s a good thing because without even realizing it they’re referring you to someone else. It boosts your credibility within the community and can even attract possible new customers. It’s happened to me before. I ran into an old classmate at the mall many years ago and when I asked her “so what are you doing now?” she couldn’t stop gushing about her great job with a local family-run restaurant and told me all about the place and the food. I stopped in a few weeks later, just from her unnoticed recommendation. I ended up eating there often and bringing friends more than once!

The bottom line is that great people make a business great. They attract more customers, do better work and help the business make a great first impression, and give the customers a great experience that keeps them coming back. You can have the most amazing marketing with the most on-track graphics, but if the people on the inside of your business – your in-house and out-of-house team – aren’t backing you up that’s going to affect your reputation and your sales.

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