It’s almost the New Year. Everyone I know is busy setting goals and planning their New Year’s Resolutions. Everyone, but me. See, I can’t stand New Years Resolutions. They don’t work for me. If they work for you, that is awesome and I’m excited for your success next year. For me, they simply don’t work, so I don’t bother with them. Maybe you’re in the same boat and just don’t like resolutions, well…here’s an option of what to do instead!

Set a Word of the Year!  For the uninitiated, a Word of the Year works like a master goal or skill that you want to accomplish. A sort of a theme for the year. I started doing this about 3 or so years ago instead of resolutions for the year & it’s worked wonders for me. I still make goals for the year, but I theme them around my word.

Here’s an example. Last year’s word was Grow. I wanted to grow my business and my life. I made all my decisions last year by asking myself “will this grow my business or my life?” It helped me focus on opportunities that made sense for me in the moment & filter out the ones I wasn’t ready for yet or that just didn’t fit me. The outcome is that I made some really important personal decisions which will, in time, grow my business and my life.

Now, this is a totally new concept for you. That’s cool, so here’s what I want you to do if you want to join in on doing a Word of the Year with me!

I want you to think about a skill or a value or a virtue or even a goal. My first ever Word of the Year was Believe. I love that word and I used it a few years in a row too! 

 A word of the year can be something as abstract as Believe or Faith or Change. It can be concrete too, something like Grow or Run or Abundance. It just has to be something that resonates with you and relates to something you want to achieve. 

Next is the important part. Write it down. You can make it look fancy with fun fonts or colored pens, but you don’t have to do that. It’s fine if you simply write it on a paper. Either way is great.  Just write down and keep it in a place you’ll see it regularly.

Everything you do for the next 12 months is themed around your word. You can turn your word into a question if that helps you focus, but it’s okay if you just keep your word in mind. 

I consider this the slow cooker of goal setting. Much like a trusty slow cooker, you put the word into the pot, set it for 12 months, and every once in a while check on it. Make sure you remember it’s back there “cooking”, and at the end of the year, see how things have changed.

The changes might be a little or they might be a lot. Whatever happens, it’s a great way to ease into goal setting, especially if you dislike New Year’s Resolutions. 

I’d love to know if you do a Word of the Year! Come visit me on Instagram or email me! Let me know If you’re doing a word of the year and what word you chose! That’s all I’ve got this week, see you next time!