When it comes to working for yourself, I see two camps. The hustle until you drop camp that glorifies working hundreds of hours a week and the manifestation camp that on the first pass seems to believe they can think their way to wealth. I got curious about which one works and what’s the best strategy going forward. Today, let’s explore both of these ideologies!

Let’s start with the “Hustlers”

This word has a lot of different connotations, but the dictionary definition is “to proceed or work rapidly or energetically”.  I’ve noticed most seem to use the word to mean something along the lines of sustained focused work- or business-related effort despite discomfort. The concept of “no pain no gain” comes to mind here. Many modern-day “hustlers” put stock in the idea that you can push your body, your mind, and yourself to the limits to create what you want. According to medical professionals at the US Department of Justice, the human body needs a minimum of 4 hours of rest to survive. On top of which, hustling or working harder, doesn’t always equal success. Hard work needs more than just the number of hours put into it. It also needs well-thought-out and well-researched plans and strategies as to who your audience is to be, your offer, how you choose to present yourself online, and an extremely clear idea of what the problem you solve is.

Now let’s chat about the “Manifestation Aficionados”

Manifestation is an equally big buzzword as Hustle and it has a lot of connotations around it as well. The dictionary definition here that relates to business is “one of the forms that something has when it appears or occurs” A lot of people believe this is the concept of “thinking your way to success.” Manifestation uses something called the “Law of Attraction”. This law states that we attract things, events, and more by having the frequency of our thoughts and feelings line up with the magnetic vibrational frequency of the desired experience or item. Some argue this practice dates back to biblical times, while others believe it started in the early 1900s.  It is generally accepted that the process gained a lot of mainstream popularity when a book called “The Secret” came out in 2006. Manifestation needs more than just “good thoughts” or “really wanting” something for it to happen. There has to be action as well.

The real question is which one is right? The short answer, the one that works for you. I will note that the people I’ve met who seem to be the most successful are the ones who combine the visualization processes of the Manifestation Aficionados and the hard work of the Hustlers. These people don’t seem to deplete their body, but instead, take care of it. They visualize what they want, but don’t try to be all thoughts and no action. These people instead take strategic action and between the two end up with a majority of what they want and they seem happier as well.

Whatever method you choose, make sure it’s something that is healthy and works for your lifestyle. That’s the best way to be successful!


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