Marketing Collateral is a term that those of us in the sales, marketing, and design industries sometimes use. I have a tendency to use it often. I realize though that a lot of people are not familiar with that term so I thought I’d discuss it today

In sales and marketing, marketing collateral is a collection of documents that help market your business. Traditionally, “collateral” was used for brochures and other documents to help provide support for the salesperson.

Traditionally all these pieces would have been printed, but now a lot of them are digital too.

They include things like:

Brochures – usually a printed and often folded document that helps introduce your business to a prospective client. They help prove your legitimacy and are great to use in a printed format or via email.

White Papers (Sell Sheets) – provides information on a specific product or service

E-Books – E-books is short for Electronic Books. These 21st-century books can be written on any topic within your expertise and help establish you as an authority in your field. They also help increase your customer base

Case Studies – Another way to prove your authority. These show how past clients have had success in working with you.

Pitch Decks – a type of proposal that is usually presented in a very visual context and often left behind with prospective customers or collaborators to review after an in-person sales meeting to help them make a better decision.

Blogs – they help prove your expertise and authority in your field and usually the first step in getting a prospective buyer to shop with you.

Client Reviews – These are your testimonials and what your clients are actually saying about you.

Now that you know more about Marketing Collateral, take advantage of this tool! Marketing Collateral’s one main job is to help provide more information to your prospective customer than a traditional advertisement would. Everything is meant to back up what you are presenting and help reinforce your business’s reputation. They do this by providing you with more authority, legitimacy, and even help you build trust with your audience. They are an important group of tools that will help you grow your business.

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