CTA can stand for a lot of things! It can mean Call to Arms, Computer Tomography Angiography, and even Cumulative Translation Adjustment. However, in the marketing and design worlds CTA stands for Call to Action.

A Call to Action is exactly like it sounds a statement urging the recipient to follow a set of desired steps. The steps or actions can be anything. They can be to visit a website, make a phone call, visit a certain store or office location or access information through a QR code. Sky really is the limit when you choose your call to action.

The purpose of a CTA is to help your potential clients know what to do next, which gives them a better customer experience. It also moves them through the sales process faster and more seamlessly.

Graphics and collateral such as advertisements, brochures and more all are part of the marketing campaign. They’re the customer facing pieces of the campaign, but their job is to either educate, sell or thank your clients at depending on the phase of the sales process they appear in. The number one reason I feel every marketing design needs to have a call to action is because it tells the client what to do next. Otherwise, that great design you just made has no real job. It’s sort of like hiring an employee to help with sales, but not fully training them and then wondering why they haven’t closed a single sale.

This is why when you’re ready to put your graphics to work you have to make sure you have that CTA on there in nice clear wording!

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