I hesitated in posting this on social media a while back, but it’s stuff I know people think even if they won’t say it to me. Turns out, it got a pretty good response there, and since I don’t know if you’re connected to my social media or not…I thought you might want to read this too!

Q: Do you need a logo?

A: Technically no you don’t, but it does make it easier for your customers to remember you. This is especially true if you have a product. Think about this, so many of us describe products and choose products because they feel familiar, we feel like we’ve seen them before. That’s the power of a visual brand and a logo is a big part of this. So, while you may not need one, it’s a good idea to have one.

Q: AI draws logos! Can I use one of those?

A: True, there are a lot of AI logo design programs out there. When you use them all you get is a piece of art and what you get is up to the computer. I’ve played around with a few. What you get isn’t always as unique as you might think because the computer won’t check for accidental plagiarism the way I will. AI won’t try to understand your industry the way I will.

They also don’t do well when drawing hands, text, and feet, and I’ve got several samples with multiple legs too, which means you’ll have to edit it anyway. To be really honest, Most people don’t know how to do this even with access to professional software.

The formats of these logos are rarely correct or in full and you get less formats the less you pay. The computer won’t care if the logo looks good at large sizes and small sizes the way I do.

Q: Okay, but isn’t a template logo good enough?

A: It can be, but you need to know exactly how you want your brand to be presented and who you want to attract. If you don’t already know these things for sure, a template logo isn’t gonna help you figure them out the way I will. Again you’re buying a piece of art and not something that becomes the cornerstone of your marketing plan.

Q: Could I use a cheaper designer?

A: Sure you could, they might do a great job & they might not. I got started fixing other designers’ work. I noticed that sometimes they take the easy way out and just slap together something similar to what everyone else in your industry has, use your colors and call it done. They charge a lot less which means they’re high volume. They need a lot more work to make ends meet and often their clients are just a number to them. They’ll forget about you pretty quickly. This isn’t everyone, but you probably won’t know until it’s too late.

I’m a relationship builder, I want to know you and your business. I’m invested in your success. I will at random message past clients just to say hello. I don’t ask about your social media pages just to “check your aesthetic” the way high-volume designers do, I actually follow a lot of my clients on social media to cheer them on! I have clients return to me again and again and I always remember them. I often have the files for their last project even if it was 10 years ago in my archive. My clients matter to me.

So on the off chance you or someone you know does need a logo. Give me a call. I’d love to help you. Remember for the month of December, you’ll get those three awesome bonuses that turn a logo into a full visual brand! Any questions or if you want to get started just email me back!