Authenticity and resonance come when things feel familiar and open. We feel it when companies speak directly to us as people with value versus a potential sale. Here are a few things to remember to set up your brand to be more authentic and resonant with your audience.

Human First, Business Second

People want to do business with people and not a massive corporation. Guess what, people aren’t perfect. They make mistakes, are vulnerable, have emotions and that’s okay. Let your customers get to know your business and the people who run it on a more personal level. Now more than ever people are craving community and personal interaction. It’s a great time to get to know your target audience and your community’s people. Build those relationships both online and in person. Let your business have a big sparkling personality that makes you break away from the cookie-cutter image that everyone is trying to have.

Have a Niche

Having a specific niche is a personal decision for a business, but having a well-defined audience is what matters. Furthermore, if you have more than one audience, talk to them one at a time! It makes it less confusing and more intimate when you do. It lets you address that specific group’s desires and issues directly. This is more of a small business than a large business problem as they’re often run by one person or a small group on one set of advertisement channels like social media or email.


I know, consistency can feel super hard. When I talk about consistency, I’m talking about similar vs the same on everything. Use one set of colors that you mix and match around, one tone of voice, and no more than two styles of design. Every point of contact you have needs to be recognizable as your business to your customers.

Okay, that’s what I got. If you’re ready to build a brand that feels good to your clients then let’s chat.