Want to sound like a pro when talking design with your professional designer or your team? Here are a few design terms that will help you out!

Resolution: This is a unit of measure that determines quality in a design. Higher resolution means higher quality. A high-resolution image is crisp and very clear. A low-resolution image will be more blurred and pixelated.


Body Copy: It has nothing to do with cloning! Body Copy is the main text used in a design. For example, the text inside a brochure, magazine or website is body copy!


Vector: Not at all about mosquitos or other pests. In this context, a vector is an image that uses mathematics to create lines and shapes that can be any size without losing clarity.


Negative Space: Also called White Space, this is the blank open areas in a design. It is equally as important as the rest of the pieces used in the design.


Lorem Ipsum: Sometimes called Filler or Dummy text, Lorem Ipsum is made up of scrambled Latin that starts off “Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet”, which is where the name comes from! It is used as a placeholder for a design’s final text.


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