What separates an okay design from a good one…well a lot of things actually. Today we’re going to talk about one in particular – Eye Flow. Eye Flow has nothing to do with anything that might send someone to see an eye doctor. It’s actually about how the eye moves across a design and today I’ll share a little bit about how it works and why it’s important.

Yes, eye flow is about how the eye moves across a design. There are a few cultural factors to how this works including how you read. If your culture reads from left to right then that’s how you’ll read a design. For cultures that read right to left or vertically, you’ll read it that way. It’s endlessly fascinating how people’s minds work so while this is what is known to be true for most people, it might not be true for everyone.

When you’re evaluating a design for eye flow keep in mind who will be reading the design and how they read. That’s probably the most important thing I’ll tell you about how to do it because how your audience does things affects everything about a design. You’ll need to figure out how people who are part of that culture or audience typically read. For most English-speaking audiences, you’ll use a “Z” or “H” shape and put important elements in each of the places their eye will land.

Eye flow in a design affects how people understand it. It also affects how many people will notice or pick up a design because it influences how attractive the design is perceived to be.

This is one of the reasons I share with my clients that flyers or another designed piece with lots of images and text aren’t useful. People won’t know what to read or where to look so they’ll either scroll past it or they’ll only read some of the information and might miss important parts. Creating eye flow for the design gives readers some extra guidance on what to read and cuts down on them missing out on important information.

In closing, a good design with a good flow is readable, pick-up-able, and more likely to be memorable. If they remember you, they’re more likely to shop with you!

Okay, that’s it for today… “Eye” will see you later!



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