When you are investing in your brand, you are investing in putting the strategy together, but you’re also going to need to invest in each piece of the brand. Today, let’s chat about why investing in your logo is important.

A lot of business owners tend to spend a large portion of their budget on frivolous items, but one of the things I see people try to skimp out on when investing in their brand is their logo.

Before we continue let me say it again: branding is not your logo. It is part of your brand and when you’re ready to have one, it should be something you’re willing to invest in. Your logo is an icon and it’s a part of your brand that everybody’s going to see. It goes out on every single touchpoint that your customers come into contact with, from your website to your invoice and back. That logo is something everybody’s going to see.

Because pictures process in people’s minds much faster than words, that logo is going to stick with them. Because of that, you should not avoid investing in it. In the same way, you invest in your marketing, you should also be investing in your logo too. A good logo can run the gambit in price so make sure you’re doing your research on who will create your logo and what matters to you. Do you want an AI logo or only a hand-drawn one by a designer?  What type of quality and experience are you looking for? knowing that will help make investing in your logo and other elements of your brand a lot easier.

Things like your logo, your copywriting, and many of your visual elements, especially, are one-time investments. Your logo is the biggest piece of that one-time investment. It’s kind of like when you get married and you don’t have any photos taken. Getting married has nothing to do with the photos, but the photos are nice, and you want good photos to remember your wedding by, so you invest in good photos. It is the absolute same thing with your branding.

Just because you’re investing in your strategy, which is important, doesn’t mean that you don’t invest in the rest of it. If everything else is just slapped together willy-nilly, it defeats the purpose of having all that strategy work done in the first place. invest in the strategy, and then take each one of those brand strategy pillars and invest properly in each one.

All right, I’ll talk to you soon.