In a fully digital world, you might wonder if letterhead and stationery are still relevant. The short answer is yes, it is. The reason being that for as long as we have a postal service shuttling printed letters back and forth, there will be things mailed from businesses to their customers.

Here are three reasons your business needs letterhead and two tips of what should be on it!

Helps your business earn more

How this works comes down to public perception. I will put this bluntly; people judge based on how things look. It’s unfortunate, but it’s true. This means that the more professional, capable, and trustworthy your company appears the more likely you are to get bigger better clients. These clients are typically willing to pay more, which helps your business earn more and grow. One of the ways to give off a more professional and trustworthy perception is to use letterhead on your stationery.

Stand Out More

When it comes to business the number one thing you really want to do is stand out from your competitors. Having a letterhead and professional stationery is one great way to stand out and get noticed in your customer’s mailboxes! After all, when your current or potential client sees your colorful envelope with your logo on it, they will already start to form a positive opinion of your business.

Create a Better First Impression

What does standing out and looking more professional accomplish for you…a better first impression. There’s an old adage that I learned growing up “You only get one chance to make a good first impression” and it’s really true. Making a great first impression and keeping it up with go along with your business’s reputation, helping you attract and keep clients in your business.

Here are 2 things to remember when you create letterhead and stationery

Keep it simple

Don’t go overboard with elements. The most you need is a header and footer. If you really want you can put a subtle watermark of your logo or a symbol that ties in with your business on the main part of the paper. Because everything is simple and because this is likely part of your first impression with potential customers, it’s important to use a nicer thicker quality of paper and envelope.

Make sure it reinforces your brand’s visuals

Keep your colors and fonts the same as the rest of your business’ marketing materials. Make sure you have your contact information, company logo, and slogan on the letterhead, which is the top header of the stationery page.

So now you see a few reasons why having letterhead and stationery is important for your business! It may not seem like a big thing, but a great reputation is in the details and this is one you just can’t overlook!

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