People love pictures and it is well known at this point that people will stop scrolling on social media when they see interesting pictures and visuals. If you’re making your own social media graphics, here’s a few things you need to know to make them great!

Keep them consistent with your brand’s colors and overall style

Remember your brand visuals are one piece of your overall brand. They are a tool to help reinforce your reputation in the minds of your customers. The biggest reason for keeping colors, fonts, and the general look and feel of the graphics consistent is to help you get remembered by your potential customers. If you are recognizable and memorable, you’ll sell more and social media is a great place to put this into practice.

Keep the rule of thirds in mind

The rule of thirds is a photography and composition rule that states that the subject of the design or photo should be kept to one-third of the photo. This is a pretty easy rule to follow with the square images that are popular on social media sites. This rule keeps your design from being cluttered and gives it a focal point, which helps it catch more attention. Again, on social media, attention is a great thing!

Know stock art licensing rules

I can not stress this enough!!! You need to know what you can and can not do with an image you found online. You can potentially get into some legal trouble if you incorrectly use a photo found online. Make sure you’re getting your stock photos from a reputable site that allows you to reuse the images for commercial use.

Keep the amount of text to a minimum

Please do not stuff the graphic from edge to edge with text. It’s overwhelming and confusing. Customers who are overwhelmed or confused simply don’t buy. Keep the bulk of the text in the caption. For the image itself, keep it to the most important two or three pieces of text. For example, for an online event, I’d put the name of the event, the time, and the location onto the graphic and then put the rest of the details and the price in the caption.

Now you know a little bit more about making good social media graphics, happy creating!

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