The two most popular days for couples to get engaged are Christmas and Valentine’s Day. This means that shortly after these two dates, the newly engaged brides are out in the marketplace looking for the perfect venue and the best dress. As a graphic designer, I’m more interested in the perfect wedding invite. Invites don’t have to be intricate or expensive to be lovely.

Honestly, I feel like you only need three basic things to get started on your perfect custom designed invite

 1: A Theme

You can start putting together your perfect invite as soon as you have a theme. Anything can be a theme- the beach, movies, a color, favorite things or moments the couple share. Once you have this you can start designing. You can use generic text or your dream date and venue to hold the places of the text while designing.  When you find the perfect venue and date you can change your generic or dream text for the actual venue and date details.


2: RSVP Method

It’s becoming more common to have guests call or email a designated person to RSVP. This method is especially good if you’re tight on funds or are having a more modern styled event. If you’re having a more traditional event and want that written RSVP then definitely stick with the traditional RSVP card. When doing a traditional RSVP card, you have options. Guests can simply respond or they can provide additional information, such as how many are attending and what they will be eating.


3: Style

There are so many invite styles out there. My personal favorite as far as styles are concerned are folded in three like a brochure, folded in half like a note card, or flat like postcard. This type of invite can look more impressive and provide a good first image for your event, but don’t necessarily break the bank.


There you have it friends, 3 basic things you need to start designing a great invite. These tips are written with a wedding invite in mind, but they work for any  special event that needs a custom invitation. I think every event is made much more special by using a written invitation, but I am biased.


If you are planning your next special event and want some help with a custom designed invite or announcement, please contact me today to see how I can help you!