I saw this statistic from Venngage the other day that said, “When buying a product, 93% of buyers focus on brand color” It got me thinking about why this is. Let’s explore brand colors!

Part of the reason humans focus on color so much is that it’s easy to remember! Think about how major brands use color. Coca-Cola is one of my favorite examples. They always tie their specific red color into their ads to reinforce their brand values and connect their message back to Coca-Cola!

Now as a customer you have the magic of brand advertising because you associate the color with the company and the values all at once. The next time someone mentions them you instantly think “red” and are more likely to spout off one of their brand values that you’ve subconsciously memorized.

It takes a lot of effort, coordination and customer touches for this to happen. However, it’s totally doable even for a small company, you just have to be mindful of showing your corporate values and your signature brand color in every piece of advertising.

Once you do this regularly enough people will start to associate a specific color with your brand.

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