When we talk about branding, we are talking about your business’s reputation. Your reputation is built from the sum total of everything your business does, what it shares with the public, and how it looks. All of these things create a perception of who the business is in the minds of the public and ideally should attract the ideal customer for the business.

I know what you’re probably thinking “Patrice, building a good reputation is so hard and complicated, how am I going to do that!!”

Well, let me tell you something, building a good reputation isn’t complicated or hard. It’s about having a solid product or service and strong ethics. Building a good reputation is really about the things many of us learned growing up. Things like do what you say will do, help others, have integrity, don’t lie, be genuine. The other part is maintaining it by looking the part. Despite being told not to judge based on appearances – people do. Make sure how you, your team, and your place of work have a look that matches how you want to be perceived by your ideal customer.

For those who have inherited or taken over a business, its reputation is now something you will have to manage. This is going to come down to listening to the existing customers and team members. Figure out what works, what doesn’t. Then begin making changes slowly and keep adjusting until the reputation is set up to be what you want it to be.

If the reputation of the business you just took over is a “bad” reputation it can be changed, but it won’t be easy and it will take time. You will have to re-earn people’s trust and you really only get one good honest shot to do that. Take a good hard look at what the failings were previously. You might have to openly take responsibility for those shortcomings. You might also have to create and enforce boundaries if there weren’t any or they were ignored a lot. You will have to really work hard to prove that things are different. Ultimately, your actions will speak loudest.

A reputation is about who you are as a business and if people will want to work with you or not. A good reputation is possible to build, but it takes time and effort from you. Remember, people want to work with people who are like them and that they like. Make sure your values, ethics, words, visuals, and actions all match is in line with the type of customers you want for the business.


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