There are a lot of ways to set up your brand. One of the popular ways is with customer archetypes or customer avatars. I’ve discovered that a lot of my clients don’t know what they are or how they actually work. Today, let’s chat about what a customer avatar is and why it’s important.

Let’s start by breaking down the words here. Customers, as you know, are the people who choose to buy your products or services. In marketing, sales, and design, Avatar refers to an icon or stand-in for a person or a group of people. The term is also used in the video game world. Now Archetype means roughly the same thing, a common example of a group of people. This means a Customer Avatar or Archetype refers to creating a sample profile of a typical customer for you.

These profiles can be written in a few ways. The two most popular are written as a profile of a person and a more technical numbers-driven approach to writing it.

Either way, you need to include information about their physical characteristics such as income level, education level, and marital status to name a few. It also needs to include information about their buying behavior. For example, their motivations for purchasing and how often they shop among other factors.

I know some people think these profiles are ridiculous because they feel like they’re being forced into choosing one type of people to serve. It’s not true, you can actually have more than one customer avatar. It’s typically in your best interest if you only advertise to one or two of them at a time, but you can definitely have more than one type of customer you serve.

The purpose of these customer profiles is to help inform your decisions for your business. For example, you can use them to help you create offers tailored to a particular part of your customer base or you can use them to make decisions about where to advertise to attract more of your ideal customers to your business.

Its whole job is to provide clarity for you so the next time someone asks you “who is your audience” you have a clear answer.




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