Colors have big secret. What is this secret you ask? They can affect your mood! 

Colors can cause a person to feel agitated or calm. Just watch any of the interior design shows on television and you’ll see that simply changing the color in a space can change the entire mood and feel of the space. This holds true for print design as well. Colors can affect the mood, feel, and tone of your printed design pieces as well. Part of the reason for this mood shift is that we make associations about the symbolism a color holds. This symbolism is partially based on the culture we live in. I will be focusing on Western Culture, more specifically, the way we view colors here in America.  Some colors grab attention better than others, while some are subdued and recede into the background.

Let’s take a quick look at the symbolism behind the colors. This time we’ll focus on the color RED

A Few of the Meanings and Symbols of  RED

  • AssociationsImpressions Include: Passion, Anger, Energy,
  • Cultural Symbolism: (American): Urgency, Strength
  • Mood: Dramatic

Designing with Red

  • Can overpower other colors in the design
  • Best if used in blocks of color
  • Very dramatic and eye-catching
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