I know I mention it a lot, but knowing your target audience-the people most likely to buy your product-is so important!!  It affects everything you do from a marketing standpoint. Here are the top 3 things to remember when designing something for your target audience.

Age: Without really realizing it, you talk to different ages in a different way. When you talk to someone who is younger or less experienced a person tends to select different words. The same is true for someone who is more familiar to you versus someone you with whom you share a more formal relationship such as a doctor. I write these blogs as if I were talking to directly to my reader (that would be you) and I speak as if we’re already friends-even though I don’t know you because it’s more comfortable and that’s how I want you to feel when you work with me, comfortable.


Location: When I say location, I mean where do you clients\customers live?  What are their priorities?  If you live in an apartment you probably don’t care a whole lot about landscaping services, but if you own a house you might care about it a lot!

What are their national origins? Certain colors are viewed in different ways by different cultures. For example, in many Western cultures, White can be seen as “clean” and often is associated with purity. However, in many Eastern cultures, White is a color for mourning. Depending on what you sell you and who your target audience is you might have to keep things like this in the back of your mind.


Gender: Whether we like it or not, women and men are attracted to different things. So, if you want to sell a product to someone your flyers, postcards, and packaging needs to attract their attention.  Certain products might want to attract only a certain gender. Keep this in mind when you pick fonts for your marketing pieces because not only do fonts have their own personalities, but certain fonts are seen as “girly” such as curly fonts, while other fonts are seen as more “manly” such as heavy slab style fonts.


Bottom Line: Design something for the clients\customers you work with everyday, the people who will buy your products. Figure out what the priorities of those people are, where they come from and how you want your product to be seen by them and why they need you. Then call me and I’ll help you design something great!