Let’s Connect on Facebook! View Me on Instagram! Follow me on Twitter!  We live in a very social world where Facebook and its Social Media peers have taken over as main way for customers to connect with their favorite brands. Due to this shift, social media has become a place where graphic design is starting to (if it hasn’t already) become very important. This means your brand’s look needs to extend to your social media accounts. It’s a place to have a little fun with your design’s look, while keeping your brand’s message consistent. The most social media savvy folks are posting multiple times a day. I interviewed Eric Padilla, the owner of Palatable Promotions  in Brea and got the scoop for everyone on how to get your social media accounts on point.

Here’s his tips and a few of my own!

Don’t ignore your banner/profile/timeline photo.

I see these spaces unused by a lot of companies, especially smaller companies. They have a great profile photo, but ignore the large banner space at the top of the profile. These spaces are great real estate to post an advertisement about a new product, a special sale or share what your company motto is. Some of the biggest brands such as REI Sporting Goods and TJ Maxx do this. It’s the online version of an “elevator pitch” or “10 second introduction”

Keep your photos and pictures to the point.

The expression “a picture is worth a thousand words” is especially true online where people idly scroll past image after image only stopping if something catches their attention. The job of your photos is to catch their attention. On social media, authenticity is king so don’t be afraid to post the occasional product photo or “behind-the-scenes” type photo to your accounts. Your followers want to meet the faces and see the steps to create their favorite products and services.  “[Non-professionally shot photos] are a good idea in moderation when re-posting other photos and for Facebook Live/Snapchat purposes, but professional images should be used more often.” Says Eric, “With real estate, non-professional photos are a horrible idea. Studies have shown that listings with professional photos sell for $3,400 -$11,200 more than similar listings with non-professional photos. It’s best to purchase a professional camera or hire a social media manager that provides their own photography that isn’t taken on an iPhone or Samsung. First impressions are everything and with so many options out there, one less-than-stellar shot could have someone pass you up for your competition.”

Your social media graphics matter

One of the things Eric and I agree on is using custom graphics.  We both feel that using custom graphics is the way to go because it keeps your branding consistent and looks professional.  It all goes back to your first impression. You want to consistently use your graphics to create a good first impression and enhance your image with your customers. Eric adds that “With proper usage of branded graphics, photography and engaging content, a social media page can not only capture an audience but retain it. Using outdated graphics can hurt engagement and ultimately reach.”  Having custom graphics helps with brand recognition, which should be your first priority when marketing. Companies that are remembered and trusted are companies that are hired. There are many factors he says that will boost a company’s bottom line on social media including consistency, ad budget and type of page to name a few, but custom graphics are a big help in getting and keeping customers coming back to your social media pages for more!

Don’t use too much text on social media.

Eric’s last tip for us all is “Don’t use too many words because it hurts reach and engagement. It may also be flagged by Facebook and unable to run as an ad if the image/graphic is more than 20% [text]. Less is more when it comes to text, so be concise and work with a professional…”

Now you have a few tips that can inspire you to set up or polish up your social media accounts. So, if you’re ready to get your social media graphics on point then give me a call. Let’s create something amazing together.