There are a lot different ways to combine colors into a palette or color scheme. We will only be covering a few of the basic ones. Picking a color scheme for your design is important because people look at items that have a pleasing, harmonious color scheme longer than items that have clashing colors. The first step in all of the methods of picking a color scheme is to first pick a dominant color.  Got a color in mind? Great!


Triadic Color Scheme

-Triadic or Triad refers to the number. So this color scheme must have 3 colors

-The chosen colors are equally spaced on the color wheel ex: Orange, Purple, and Green

-Colors are mildly contrasting with each other, but do work in harmony


How to Use a Triadic Color Scheme

-Have a dominant color that will be the color used the most in the piece

-Use the other two in smaller amounts to help make your dominant (most used color) more noticeable.

-Good color scheme to use for creating marketing postcards.