Labels are everywhere in most people’s daily life. They are affixed to the food packages you buy, the health and beauty products you use, and the other trappings of life in the 21st century. A label’s job is to provide information about the product it contains. Information such as brand, type of product, the amount of product in the container, and what flavor or scent included is included the product just to name a few examples. Without labels consumers wouldn’t know what they were purchasing. In the crowded marketplace that exists today, it takes a lot more than just a basic label to get potential customers to even pick up a product let alone purchase it.

There are a few things to keep in mind when working on a label.

Just like with a business card, a label needs to be organized. People need to know what the most important pieces of information are for that particular product in 30 seconds or less.

Brand Recognition
Labels for retail products are a key part of the companies branding. Customers should be able to see the label on a product and instantly know the name of the company that sells it.

It needs to be very readable to all of a companies potential purchasers. This includes appropriate languange translations, easy to read type, even an icon or picture that represents what is in the product. This is a really smart move because it makes the product more likely to be purchased.

A product with a unique eye-catching label is a lot more likely to get noticed and puchased than one who blends into the rest of the products on the shelf. Depending on the product and the nature of the company this could mean bright colors, an interesting printing technique, or shape that the products competitors won’t have. It is worth it to have a product label custom designed by a graphic designer because they can help maximize the effectiveness of the label through good design.

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