Following up after you meet with someone or speak to them on the phone is so important. It shows the person you were speaking with that you value their time and that you genuinely want to work with them. A little appreciation can go a long way. Everyone has their own way to do it. I’m simply going to show you my method.

My rules for crafting a good follow up email are as follows. I divide it into three sections.  It should be one-third thank you. Thank the person for meeting with you or speaking with you on the phone. Tell them your favorite part of your meeting. This is a great spot to reiterate a point or two in your favor and ask a follow up question if you have any.

The second third of the email is what I use for business that needs to be addressed. Did you promise the person some information on a specific topic? Did you need set up a follow up meeting? Have you attached something for them to review? Whatever your business points may be this is the section for it.

The last third is my closing and maybe a little self promotion and what that entails changes depending on who the nature of who I’m writing. If it’s a first follow up to someone. Then I will reintroduce my business and invite them to look at my website. If it’s a follow up after a meeting with a potential new client or a new client, then I will thank them for choosing Purple Rose Graphics and often, but not always, will I invite them to join my newsletter or follow me on social media. If I feel it’s appropriate then I will ask them to please refer me to their family and friends.

Here is a sample letter

“Hi [name of person]!

Thank you so much for meeting with me yesterday. I really enjoyed getting to know more about what you do at ACME Widget Corp! I didn’t realize that making widgets involved so many interesting steps. I noticed on your business card that ACME is a acronym, what do each of the letters mean?

I did a little research on the topic we discussed and I found a great PDF online. Please find it attached. I’m glad you asked me that question or I wouldn’t have discovered some new information!

As I might have mentioned during our meeting I love designing brochures! Brochures were one of the first things I designed. If you haven’t had a chance, please take a look at my website at to see all the fun things I’ve helped others create!

Thank You!


Purple Rose Graphics”

Once I write the letter, I will re-read it to make sure my spelling and grammar are correct and that I like how the message sounds. Then I will sign it and send it on it’s way!

How you do business is just as important as what you do. Having a good reputation can help you get recommendations and give you opportunities that you otherwise wouldn’t have. Writing a great follow up email is part of that. I hope this blog helps you create your best business.
If you have a design project that you feel you need some help on, please contact me! Let’s work together to give your business a great first impression.