Brochures are great marketing tools, but what exactly defines a brochure. Here are some facts and common usages for brochures. Which type of brochure and which design work best for your business? Read on to find out!


What is a Brochure

A Brochure is a type of advertising that communicates information from the sender to receiver, such as from a business to its customers. Brochures are typically printed on glossy high quality paper in full color and are folded. They can be simple, a folded sheet of paper, or complex such as ones folded to represent a booklet and either glued or stapled.



The word brochure is thought to be of French origin and means “to stitch together” and was introduced in the late 1740s.

One of the oldest brochures found on the internet dates from the 1500s and depicts common occupations in Germany




Common Uses

Point of Sale: Typically displayed in front of customers of particular service. The purpose is to advertise additional services to the businesses current customers


Respond to Inquiries: Typically given or sent to potential customers who are already interested in your services. The purpose here is to help answer their questions and provide reasons for the potential customer to buy from you


Leave Behind: As the name suggests. This type of brochure is usually left behind after a meeting a with a potential client. The purpose is to re-inforce the recently presented sales pitch by stating all of the advatages and usages of the product or service in question.


Direct Mail: This type of brochure usually comes to a targeted demographic through the mail. The purpose is to inform people of a businesses products or services and to entice them to become potential buyers by requesting additional information or have them take advatage of a special offer


Sales Support: Typically used as an aid for a sales person while in a meeting. They often have expanded information, larger and often more photos, and larger type that can read and referenced quickly and easily.



Common Types of Design

There are many many types of brochure folds, but here are the most common types


Traditional Folded: These are the ones people are most accustomed to viewing. The page is printed on both sides with the same number of panels and then folded with the panels one ontop of the other. Example: Tri-fold, Bi-Fold


Z-Fold: The page is printed on both sides with the same number of panels and are folded in a zig-zag or Z shape



Roll Fold: The page is printed on both sides with the same number of panels are folded from one side to the other with each panel immediately laying on the one immediately ahead of it i.e. 4 on top of 3, etc. When standing brochure appears rolled in on itself.


Gate Fold: panels at the edges are half the size of the center panels with the two sides folded to meet in the middle giving the impression of a gate.


So now you know which type of brochure and which fold you feel works best for your business, but if you still need a little extra help, contact me!