No matter what field you are in, you need to advertise. After all, your future customers have to find you somehow! Here we have 5 great tips for marketing your business.

1. Direct Mail Campaign: Direct mail puts your name and company information directly into the hands of potential customers. You can address these potential customers by name. Additionally, direct mail can target a radius of mailboxes around your business or to a specific industry or type of customer. You can choose to hire a direct mail company or you can hire a graphic designer to create your mail piece for you and use the post office’s direct mail service.


2. Trade Shows: Most Industries have some form of trade show to participate in. Find them by searching online trade show directories. Consider going to a trade show for a different industry where your business will be more likely to stand out.


3. Advertisements: Lately advertising online is all the rage, but not everyone can afford a smart phone or uses the internet, but still may want your products or services. To reach these potential customers that don’t use the Internet it may be wise to put an advertisement in a local publication, such as a magazine or newspaper.


4. Video: The next big thing coming to marketing is video marketing. Many firms have accounts on video sharing sites such as YouTube and Vine. Use it to highlight new products, or give behind the scenes previews.


5. Be Human! The fancier more correct term is Client Relationship Marketing. This is about showing your customer and your potential customers that they are appreciated! Send them a card that is as unique as your business. For example, send them a birthday card or a thank you card to show how much you appreciate their business.


Most importantly know your audience. When I design a logo for someone I send them a questionnaire with a bunch of silly questions that help me (and often my client) get to know who their primary customers are so, that the design appeals to this audience. The same goes for your marketing. Use the methods that will best reach your primary audience.