1) Colors: Choose them wisely and limit the amount you pick.

For instance, Halloween is typically Black and Orange, but what if you did something different-Vibrant Purple with Neon Green or Pumpkin Orange. Consider choosing light and dark shades of the same color. Don’t be afraid to go with neutrals like classic black and white. Another great color palette is to pick one bright color and pair it with beige or gray. Still stuck? Go stand in the paint section of the hardware store and look at the paint chips, there is plenty of inspiration there!

**If you’re not sure how to pair colors together please read our Once upon a Color Scheme Series**


2) Theme: Make it Unique


Sometimes your colors become your theme and that’s okay. If you want to pick a different type of theme, pick something appropriate to the time of year and the type of event.  You can focus on one element. Back to the Halloween Party example: you can make your whole party, and therefore the invitation, focus on one element such as masquerade masks or mix a couple of elements such as bats and Steampunk


As a note: Your invitation sets the tone for the whole event. I just got an invite to a friends wedding in a few months & it’s pretty obvious without even reading the invite that the event is very formal.  Another invite I received not too long ago was written in a note card and obviously much more casual.


3) Time line: Start early!

Here’s a great trick for figuring out your timeline. Open up a calendar (or print one off your computer). Circle the date of your event. You should also decide when you are going to want your responses back and note that date on the calendar as well. In selecting that date you will need to factor in when you have to give your venue, if you have one, their final head count. Knowing when your responses are due will help you decide when you need mail the invitations and circle that date.

Now that you know when you want to mail the invites, you will need to add time to have your graphic designer create your invite and to have your printer print them. Printing is usually two to four weeks and designing can take up to two weeks depending on which graphic designer you hire.

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