In this last segment we explore what could happen if you ask a friend or co-worker to double as your graphic designer:

3- Using a friend or coworker to create your marketing materials & save you some money isn’t a good idea.

-Just because they can draw or know Photoshop doesn’t mean they understand what it takes to create effective marketing materials for your business or event.

-There are a lot of things that go into creating marketing and event materials that are unseen. Things like understanding a target audience and creating materials that will appeal to them, along with a lot of research about what is industry standard and what your competitors are doing.

-If your friend or coworker is creating your marketing materials a lot of times this responsibility is heaped on top of other responsibilities this person has to do. Plus, if they are overworked, guess what gets thrown together at the last minute!

– Your marketing or event materials aren’t the place to skimp.

– They need to be the best possible presentation of your business or event.

Final Note: Your marketing materials help you convince customers to call you and guests to attend your event.

Ultimately, when people see your marketing materials they are seeing you. Using a professional graphic designer is a worthwhile investment if you are serious about your product and want to succeed. Don’t know where to turn? Let Purple Rose Graphics help you. Together we can overhaul those tired templates, give your friend or employee a little extra time to spend with their family and help you make some money! We want your marketing materials to look like a million dollars so you can make a million dollars. If you want it custom and effective, you want Purple Rose Graphics. Contact us today to get started!

Stay Tuned for another great blog due out soon!