Graphic Design is All Around You…


A lot of people feel that graphic design is limited to logos, business cards, and fun invitations.  The truth is, that graphic design is all around you. Here are three common uses of graphic design that are often overlooked.


1-Packaging & Labels

Every bottle, box, can and jar  we purchase including bath products and foods uses graphic design. All these products have eye-catching containers or labels! The purpose of that is to tell us about the product we just bought and to attract our attention so that we actually pick a one product over another.


2- Signs

Signs are everywhere; signs are on building, on the side of the freeway. Even though they may seem basic. They tell us the name of the store or restaurant you’re going to visit. They can sometimes have moving images on them too, for example, steam rising out of a coffee cup in front of a diner. Some signs take additional skills and special tools to create them.



Walk into any supermarket these days and you’ll see racks of magazines. It is pretty common for graphic designers to set up the pages with the articles and the pictures. The purpose is to make the pages of the magazine attractive and informative so that you will want to read it.